Settele Transport-Buckets

Developed together with experienced transport pilots

Due to the high demand of helicopter transport pilots for a light, reliable and kerosene-saving variant for the transport of filling material, the Settele Transport Buckets were developed. Settele Engineering stands for many years of expertise in innovative aerospace product development and production.

Safe and stable in lightweight aluminum construction

The Settele Transport buckets have a previously unrivaled low dead weight from 45 kg and a capacity of 1 to 2.6 tons. Despite the low weight, high stability is ensured by an extremely high-quality welded aluminum construction. Thanks to the modular design, the base version of the Settele Transport buckets with a filling volume of 0.31 m³ or 0.63 m³ can be expanded to 0.43 m³ or 0.75 m³ and adapted to meet your requirements. The Settele Transport Bucket can optionally be coated in the desired color.

Figure: left open, right closed


The filling volume of the Settele transport buckets can be extended by 0.12 m³ using a ballast ring. This applies to all basic variants. On request, the standard chain suspension is replaced by a trapezoidal suspension. The trapeze suspension is not compatible with the ballast ring.

Illustration: Bucket in various sizes with attachment ring

The advantages at a glance

  • Net weight depending on size 45 kg to 59 kg for standard buckets
  • Capacity and dimensions individually adjustable at any time Standard buckets in 0,31 m³, 0,4 m³, 0,44 m³, 0,65 m³ (with ring extended 0,43 m³, 0,55 m³, 0,59 m³, 0,78 m³)
  • Buckets for Super Puma etc. in the program
  • High quality and stable welded aluminum construction
  • Statically calculated construction and load suspension with certificate
  • Easy and simple operation with handle and opening bow
  • Safe DIN-compliant suspension by rotating vortex blocks
  • Self-closing locking mechanism
  • Reinforced outlet opening corners
  • Pinch and impact protection at the opening lift
  • Double stainless steel sheet on the flap inside
  • Stainless steel wiper blades at the outlet opening, thus easy and precise opening and closing of the bucket
  • Optional: Automatic opening with pneumatic / electric possible

We develop and manufacture individual solutions for your special requirements in professional aviation.

The Settele Transport Buckets are the all-in-one solution for your business. We guarantee easy handling, punctual use and cost-saving work. We will gladly advise you and develop an individual solution with you at any time.

  • Safe DIN-compliant suspension through co-rotating whirl brackets and multiple safety module
  • Stake and splint protection of the attachment rings